Penny  Haider

Penny Haider

Penny Haider, a survivor of domestic abuse, is an author, former teacher and health services case manager with a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Service & Public Affairs. She is currently a successful business owner, fulfilling a life-long dream of working for herself. Penny is the author of No Contact: Ending a Destructive Relationship. She uses her experience to show others how to take charge of their life and break contact with an abusive partner. If you find yourself attempting to leave a destructive relationship but keep going back even when you know you shouldn't, No Contact will give you the tools to help you become stronger. Penny believes that making a life partner choice is the most important decision we ever make and that our health and happiness hinge on it. The wrong choice can cost us financially, but more importantly, it can suck the life out of us, taking us up and down an emotional roller coaster playing havoc with our physical, mental, and spiritual health.