Mahana  Coleman

Mahana Coleman

Mahana is the co-owner of SHPCompany, the US distributor for Sydney Harbour Paint Company US/Porter's Paints Australia. Mahana has always had a love for design and fashion, collecting vintage jewelry and fashion since an early age. During her college years at the University of Southern California where she studied business and marketing she debated going into the Interior Design Industry. However, upon graduation she found herself working in the Fashion Industry. Spending the next 12 years after college traveling the globe and working with many notable designers and companies. She later came back to the interiors world when her husband, a ceramist and entrepreneur working in the paint and finishes industry asked her to join him. She has studied at the IACC for Color Consulting and through her work continues to develop colors and design color profiles for her clients. She lives with her husband and two children in Los Angeles California. 310-652-2800