Professor Scott  Denning

Professor Scott Denning

Scott Denning is a respected climatologist who loves to talk to people. He makes science fun and understandable to those of us without specialized knowledge. He is Monfort Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, where he leads a large research group using many kinds of observations and models to understand the metabolism of the Earth’s biosphere. He is also Director of Education and Diversity for the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, whose purpose is to increase understanding of global climate change among children, as well as college and university students. He also enjoys engaging in public presentations, especially to those with contrary viewpoints. Scott is the author of over 90 publications in peer-reviewed climate literature, is a former editor of the Journal of Climate and served for five years as founding Science Chair of the North American Carbon Program. He lives in Colorado with his wife, two teenage sons and assorted animals.