Stephanie  Williams

Stephanie Williams

Bee Attitudes Honey-Stephanie Williams Beekeeper/Founder It all begins with great honey. At Bee Attitudes Honey we tend to our bees using all natural methods; we uncap the honeycomb by hand, extract the honey by hand and never heat our honey before packaging. We leave in all the good things that nature intended from these amazing creatures. Our artisan honey and lavender products come directly from our many beehives, acres of French lavender, organically seeded fields and grove of hazelnut trees. Our line of products includes our famous Four Thieves Tonic, our artisan all-natural honey-granola, lavender-honey, raw honey, essential lavender oil, and a “sugary sweet” or “detoxing salty” honey lavender bath scrub. All our premium “hand-crafted” products include our raw honey harvested from our naturally cared for bees. You can find our unique products in specialty markets and wellness spas around the scenic Finger Lakes of New York, New York City, Melbourne, Florida and Malibu, California. Additionally you can find our products on our website:! The vision for Bee Attitudes Honey is to grow it into a brand that stands for handmade, all-natural, artisan products that carry our distinct style for life: beautiful packaging, warmth in every product, a thoughtful gift, or just the best ingredients that you could feed yourself and your loved ones. The growth of our business has quite literally taken our breath away.