Carolyn  Ford

Carolyn Ford

The Skull of Consciousness Carolyn Ford is the guardian of Einstein the Ancient Crystal Skull of Consciousness, the largest known crystal skull and one of the rarest artifacts in the world. For 22 years Carolyn kept Einstein quiet, privately away from the world. Now, she feels is it time to bring him out for others to experience too. Carolyn has a deep love for humanity and an innate sensitivity. She became a counselor years ago in the field of rebirthing where she learned how to open the breath to free the soul. She is also a teacher, and has helped thousands of people worldwide awaken to their true nature through the principles of the Human Design System. Based on your genetic blueprint, the Human Design System is the most revolutionary approach to knowing oneself. With a background in diverse esoteric studies Carolyn’s sessions are an experience that will set you free at a cellular level. She calls this modality Manifesting in the new paradigm. Carolyn’s amazing thirst for knowledge and understanding has brought her to study with a variety of great teachers from around the world such as Hawaiian Kahuna Morrnah Simeona, Native American Elders, Peruvian Shaman and East Indian masters to mention a few. She is founder and creator of Firedancer Vibrational Essences, a company with worldwide distribution. Using these amazing essences, she has helped guide many people to align with their destiny and life path. Carolyn’s love of humanity and her acute sensitivity allow her to assist others on the journey of awakening to their true nature. Her web site is and email is