Bridgett  Perry

Bridgett Perry

Bridgett Perry was diagnosed in 2013 with stage IV ovarian carcinoma. She has been a lifelong learner of spiritual teachings, prompted by the sudden death of her brother, and the loss of two close friends before the age of 20. Over the years, cancer took the lives of several more friends and loved ones. With each loss, she experienced a deepened awareness of grief, and the uncanny beauty of witnessing death. Now, her own life has been pulled into the vortex of cancer. Out of the entanglement of grief and loss have come incredible gifts of self-acceptance, self-awareness, profound relationships, and an increasing willingness to experience life as it unfolds. Today, Bridgett lives in upstate NY, sharing with her wife a commitment to living from the heart. As a personal coach, Bridgett offers guidance through life’s transitions, challenges, and transformations. You can learn more and read her blog at