Mark  Malik

Mark Malik

Mark Malik is a recognized business leader known for his innovative approach and strategic vision. Mark offers a unique blend of financial, executive and global client building acumen at Wolf Hedge. As the Founder and Fund Manager of Wolf Hedge, Mark has built a premier alternative investment fund that consistently delivers results by aligning industry aptitude, client service and business excellence. Mark acquired a reputation of drive, determination and diligence during his many years as a stockbroker and portfolio manager on Wall Street. He has over a decade of experience on Wall Street in brokerage and in management. Mark used to lead teams to manage assets over USD 5 billion at various alternative asset management firms in New York. He became a seasoned and respected manager with experience in participating in investments in over 100 publicly traded companies. By personifying the tenets of quality, integrity, efficiency and innovation, Mark is the entrepreneurial catalyst that has fostered the appetite of ingenuity, originality, creativity and a distinct inventiveness that is uniquely found at Wolf Hedge. While Mark managed a successful team and handled a substantial portfolio of global clients, he found that the model under which he operated — commission regardless of results — to be flawed. Accordingly, he sought out a platform that would better personify his method. Mark is fully committed to a vision for his firm with the central tenants of performance, service and satisfaction. Mark has education background from Harvard University and the City University of New York. He also has Series Licenses 7 and 63. He continues to reside in New York and maintains an active membership in the global financial community.