Michael “The Ghost Guy” Rowland

Michael “The Ghost Guy” Rowland is internationally known and respected for his work related to removing spirits, clearing negative energies, energetic healing of people, and empowering others through courses and workshops. Michael has been featured in many newspaper and online articles, and interviewed on radio, television and Internet broadcasts. After spending about 25 years as a corporate executive, Michael discovered his own intuitive abilities and began working with energies and spirits. Since founding HealingHauntedHouses.com more than 10 years ago, he has worked remotely throughout the globe successfully conducting energetic clearings for thousands of homes, properties, businesses and people’s energy fields to remove spirits, or negative energetic influences that affect their health, success and well-being. Michael offers workshops to empower people to look after their own well-being by teaching people to clear their energy fields and access their own intuitive abilities. www.healinghauntedhouses.com