Jeff  Primack

Jeff Primack

Jeff is the founder of Supreme Science Qigong Center, and produces the four-day event, Qi Revolution attended live by over 40,000 people. He is also author of the Conquering Any Disease Food-Healing System. In the year 1999 Jeff Primack founded Supreme Science Qigong Center. Flying in Qigong Masters from all over the world Jeff learned from teachers who had a minimum of 50 years training. He built a reputation for hosting seminars the most powerful Qigong masters/healers. In 2003 Jeff taught his first seminar in his parent's living room! It grew fast and by 2005 over 200 people were learning from him at a time. By 2008 it was normal for Jeff to draw crowds of over 2000 people at a time. To date these gatherings are by far the largest Qigong or energy work events in the United States currently.