Dena  Patton

Dena Patton

Dena Patton is a global speaker, author and a transformational business coach who helps women entrepreneurs create GREAT businesses and become GREAT leaders. She also creates charity projects and ministry programs that change the world.

Her first career was in New York City where she owned a PR and marketing company that also had a publishing division. In 1997, at the age of 26 Dena sold that company to a start-up Internet company and stayed on as their Director of Marketing where they survived the first internet ‘bust’ and went on to build and lead a community of 70,000 members, which has become the number one global leader in it’s industry. In 1999 she shifted careers by following her calling to work with women.

She has worked with celebrities and top CEO’s, but also loves working with the everyday woman who wants to fulfill her greatest vision in life or business. She believes you can make a great living and make a great difference.

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