Tim  O’Malley

Tim O’Malley

Tim O’Malley, President of EarlySense Inc. for two years, has steered the company into commercialization of the innovative EarlySense Sensor based, Contact Free Patient Monitoring System, designed to assist healthcare professionals in avoiding adverse events with patients. Tim's career started at Siemens Medical Systems, where he spent 16 years and held positions in Technical Support, Technical Management, Sales, Marketing and General Management. He has been privileged to work with innovative technologies dedicated to helping clinicians improve patient care. He has also been CEO of a public sensor-based NIBP Company, and has successfully led commercial teams. Through his career, Tim has worked with clinicians and healthcare systems to develop intersections of care between patients, caregivers and technology, which when applied through proper process management has proven to produce incredible results in patient care, outcome improvements, patient well-being and favorable cost positions.