Paul  Bennet

Paul Bennet

Paul Bennet is one of the world's most extreme sportsman. Paul is an Aerobatic Champion and an Air Show "Stunt" pilot, with over 4500 hours of flying time. When you watch him perform he either totally dazzles you with his absolutely ridiculous and unbelievably dangerous aerobatic manoeuvres that seem to defy gravity and aerodynamics, or, he scares the absolute hell out of you. Every time I see Paul flying in his Aerobatic Bi-plane known as the "Wolf Pitts Pro,” I am confident that the only way that he will get to go home is if someone puts him together with half a gallon of super glue and carries him off in a bucket.

During one flying display Paul will experience G Forces up to 10 times the force of gravity. Paul has a real passion for aviation and enjoys nothing more than sharing this passion with the young and old as he travels the world displaying his talents.