Sandy  Parker

Sandy Parker

Owner of On The Path Yoga, Sandy has a Bachelor's of Science degree in Health Education and recently became certified as a Restorative Exercise™ Specialist. This advanced certification adds to her personal training and yoga certifications, which she also currently holds. She has over 25 years of experience as a health educator, teaching everything from Aquatics to Zumba. Sandy sees yoga as a vital path toward insightfulness and holistic health. Her yoga classes emphasize finding strength, balance, steadiness and ease in postures through the practice of breath, focus, and alignment. Her favorite understanding about yoga is from the legendary guru, BKS Iyengar, "Alignment is, for me, both a physical and metaphysical word." Workshops and private sessions of Restorative Exercise™ are other options to study with Sandy. Workshops are offered regularly and cover a wide range of health and disease prevention including such topics as pelvic floor health, aging, balance and proprioception. Private sessions are by appointment and cover alignment, gait analysis, and specific health concerns.