Dr. Terry  Rondberg

Dr. Terry Rondberg

Dr. Terry Rondberg's career reads like “Who’s Who” in wellness medicine. President of The World Chiropractic Alliance; a Doctor of Chiropractic for 40 years; a health activist who tirelessly pursues advanced paths of healing. He served as a special chiropractic advisor for the U.S. Dept. of Defense. From 1986-2013 he was author and publisher of “The Chiropractic Journal.” He is a Diplomate College of Energy Medicine and Mind-Body Medicine; Certified Massage Therapist; Certified in Physical Therapy; Teacher of Yoga; studied Acupuncture at the Beijing Hospital and Ayurvedic Medicine and Energy Healing in Northern India. Worldwide, he has trained thousands of doctors in clinical practice; mind-body wellness. He relies on scientific research, clinical studies, experience and the intuitive, and patient results. Terry developed neurologically based "Bioenergy" care, with a vision for global wellness; Dr. Rondberg says practicing Bioenergy is the most exciting point in his career. Bioenergy is a proven health-changer... and phenomenal life-changer for doctors who practice it and for the individuals who utilize it... a proven system; a natural wellness formula for body and mind.