Leonard S.  Chaikind

Leonard S. Chaikind

Leonard S. Chaikind holds a 1958 MBA from the Harvard Business School.

He pursued a brilliant career at Royal Dutch Shell and the Shell Oil Company in a period spanning 34 years (1957 to 1991). As Regional Treasurer for Royal Dutch Shell’s operations in the Far East and Australasia, Chaikind was responsible for negotiating and financing well over $40 billion dollars in both corporate and major project activities throughout this region. His final assignment for Shell was as the Administrator of the $12 plus billion dollars Shell Savings and Retirement Programs with responsibility for both the investment and administration of 4 major funds. Chaikind, now 83, is the Chairman and CEO of Institutional Investors Consulting Company (IICC), Houston, Texas. IICC is many things. It is a holding company, an investment bank and an investment advisory group.