Gregory B.  Clark, M.A.

Gregory B. Clark, M.A.

Gregory B. Clark, M.A. I am a Fellow with AAETS and the NCCM. I am a Vietnam veteran (WIA ’68,) and I flew Search & Rescue helicopters for 8 years (’78-’80 in California, and ’81-’85 in Iowa.) Since 1983 to current I have helped initiate, facilitate, and co-found many outstanding and resourceful organizations in several communities.

I provide general counseling services to the public in rural N.E. Iowa and S.W. Wisconsin. I travel and provide counseling services to the rural veteran communities in 3 N.E. Iowa counties, and serve the veterans of rural S.W. Wisconsin. I also serve as a “Military Family and Life Consultant,” providing education and other services to returning Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans and their families. I have over 25 years experience working with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression & Anxiety, Aggression & Anger Management, Communication Training, OC(P)D, Grief & Guilt, Addictions, Purpose in Life, and other mental health issues that negatively affect the quality of personal, work, and spiritual life.

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