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Rene Villard-Reid

Rene Villard-Reid is a gifted medical intuitive, medicine woman, shaman, astrologer, lecturer, and spiritual counselor. She has been an instructor in shamanic studies and healing since 1988, and her scope and experiential knowledge have been influenced and augmented by a two year apprenticeship with a Cherokee Medicine Man, where she was trained in Native American healing techniques, shamanic practice, spirituality and herbal lore.

Rene is passionate about empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives, and has been and spiritual advisor to hundreds of people of various cultures, denominations, and professions for over 35 years, and aspires to help as many people as possible work through complex issues. She has been extremely successful with clients in their healing by demonstrating the mind-body connection to their physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Rene believes that our health does not lie in our physical body so much as in our consciousness and mind sets.