Hannah Fraser

Hannah Fraser is a passionate, driven adventurer who is credited with inventing a whole new vocation. She is the first ‘Freelance Mermaid’ working as an ocean environmentalist, underwater performance artist and model. Fascinated by mermaids since she was a child, she created her first tail when she was 9. She now creates exquisite mermaid tails and travels the world performing underwater as a mermaid for film, television, advertising, events and environmental activism.

Hannah uses her unique link to the ocean to inspire and educate people on marine life. She is a model of self-empowerment for people across the globe who see that she has made her dreams a reality, no matter how unlikely the odds! Hannah has been working on creating groundbreaking imagery showing the connection between human and sea creatures for over a decade. She has swum with Tiger Sharks, Great Whites, Whales, Dolphins, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Seals, and many more animals in the open ocean. www.hannahfraser.com