Scott  Blais

Scott Blais

Scott Blais is CEO and President of Global Sanctuary for Elephants, Brazil with his singular mission to protect, rescue and provide sanctuary for captive and retired elephants. Scott has lived and worked amongst wild and rescued elephants for more than 20 years. Starting as an elephant trainer at age 16 to co-founding the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, to initiating the GSE, Brazil to what will hopefully be the journey to freedom for many captive, and retired circus elephants from public performances for our entertainment. Based on the world-renowned sanctuary experiences of PAWS and The Tennessee Elephants, combined with field research of the Amboseli elephants, we humans can make a profound difference in the lives of captive elephants. Scott and his expert team understand that what an elephant in captivity requires is space and choice- the ability to move freely and choose their daily activities, given love and companionship of their own kind.