Chris  Heuer

Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer, CEO and Founder of Alynd, has been a digital revolutionary for over 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, startup advisor, facilitator, professor and consultant. Alynd is an innovative SaaS solution that facilitates collaboration with accountability and produces an evidence based reputation for knowledge workers. Previously, he spent 2-plus years as a “game-changer” with Deloitte Consulting where he helped launch Deloitte Digital.

In addition to building several companies and digital agencies over the years, Chris was the global founder of Social Media Club, a non-profit community organization that promoted the professional and ethical use of social media. He considers himself a “Work Hacker”, striving to fix broken corporate systems and empowering others to transform their organizations and their lives. He's known for his vision, his willingness to help others, his holistic perspective, his passion for changing the world and his innovative spirit.