Ilia  Lerner

Ilia Lerner

Ilia Lerner, Founder & Managing Director at Amur Spirits Limited, was involved in different industries, but always as a product design and strategy guy.

He accidentally got involved in Wine and Spirits when he was introduced by a friend to an owner of another upscale Russian vodka brand and started working as brand ambassador on the West Coast.

He came up with his own brand idea, and started his brand through experimentation and then, he suddenly realized that he was at the point of no return and really doing it. He quit his current job and committed 100 percent to developing the brand.

After year and a half White Tiger Vodka started selling in the US, and is now distributed in 6 different states and already in 50 stores in California. The top goal for White Tiger for the next three months is to start selling in some of the larger retail chains such as BevMo, Total Wine, Gelson's, and Whole Foods.