John  Golden

John Golden

John is the President of Product Pioneering at Athletes' Performance and Core Performance. He spent the past 20 years as an executive in Fortune 500 companies. He's held leadership roles at Verizon, AT&T, and CNA Financial in technology and operations. As a college football player, John suffered a career-ending knee injury in 1986. He faced increasing knee pain and lack of movement in both knees following his injury. After 23 knee operations, including a revolutionary human transplant on his left leg in 2005, John not only regained movement and the ability to live an active life, he sought to give back for the gift he was given. As a result, John has embarked on a mission to use his successful medical outcome to help others in the same situation. John Golden and Dr. Brian Cole, professor of orthopedics and head of the Rush Cartilage Restoration Center, created the LiveActive Fund for Orthopedic Research and Education at Rush. The goal is to raise awareness for alternative treatments, therapies, and training that allow people to resume an active lifestyle. Starting in late 2007, John began climbing mountains as a means of rehabilitation and to show what is possible with a tissue transplant. Following his first climb at Mt. Rainier, John has climbed 14 mountains, culminating in his climb of Mt. Everest in the spring of 2009.