Richie  Ogulnick

Richie Ogulnick

Twenty Five years ago Thanksgiving week i received a call from a friend from NYC. He asked me if i had ever heard of ibogaine. A couple years later i flew to Cameroon to see if i can find the granddaddy of pschotropics which has the capacity to eliminate symptoms of withdrawal from opiates and eliminates craving for alcohol, cocaine and other substances. My intention was to find a safe, effective, home remedy hundred of thousands of people can afford and become free of addictions by experiencing. Although ibogaine is profoundly effective it is highly controversial for a lot of reasons.

Flash forward to a few months ago when i was invited by the caretakers of an herbal remedy called Heantos. Flying to Vietnam on invitation from the doctors who created and who have worked with thousands in this out of the way country i witness treatments, flew to Vancouver, Canada and participated with researchers who have been studying Heantos' mechanism of action for over three years.

Now people throughout the U.S. and in other countries are experiencing the usefulness of Heantos as the gentle, safe affordable home remedy . I am honored to bring Heantos to the world.