Craig  Campobasso

Craig Campobasso

Craig Campobasso has experienced many roles within Hollywood including actor, acting coach, casting director, and now screen writer and director of ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’, based on the 1967 UFO classic of the same name written by Dr. Frank E. Stranges. This book told the intriguing story of a Created Being (an Angel in human form) named Valiant Thor, who was a documented guest of the Eisenhower administration from 1957-1960. Craig was a close personal friend of Frank Stranges for many years. He has completed an initial short version of the film Stranger at the Pentagon that is available for viewing on Vimeo, and is fundraising to enable the completion of the final full-length feature film based on this amazing story.

Craig has also experienced a powerful spiritual awakening. As an author, he shares his discoveries in a trilogy centered on an ET named Thyron.