Warren  Bellows

Warren Bellows

Warren Bellows is an unsung hero and truly a legendary leader of our time with a passion for transformation. Warren was a VP of Marketing for Celestial Seasonings in the early days helping the first herbal tea company to become prominent. Later, he lived and worked as a gardener in Findhorn, Scotland where he learned to communicate with the nature kingdoms and live in spiritual community.
Warren sailed solo on the Pacific Ocean for a year learning how to be content with himself and then returned to develop a 30 year practice in Taoist Five Element acupuncture where he innovated a revolutionary modality of healing which combines specific acupuncture points with corresponding Bach flower essences.
Today Warren Bellows continues his private practice in Floral Acupuncture and also focuses his creativity on being a painter who captures multidimensional images on canvas. See his extraordinary, visionary work at www.wbellows.com