Kirsten  Berman

Kirsten Berman

Kirsten has a BFA from Illinois State and is undergoing a Master’s program for Nutrition Science. She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in December of 2010 and it changed her life forever.

Kirsten started GlutenFreeRehab to help individuals maneuver through the overwhelmingly confusing gluten free and Celiac lifestyle as seamlessly as possible. She teaches how to be gluten free safely in your home, at work, grocery shopping, social occasions and the do's and don'ts of ordering while eating out. She also works with companies, restaurants, staff and kitchens, advising on the dangers of cross contamination and what Celiac Safe food really means.

Kirsten is a Gluten Free & Healthy Living Consultant, Celiac Advocate and freelance Health Writer. Her mantra is “Ditch the Diet, Live the Lifestyle” and her goal is to change the American Food System one person at a time.

You can find Kirsten at or www.Facebook.Com/glutenfreeguidetolife.