Dr. Sherri  Greene

Dr. Sherri Greene

Dr. Sherri Greene has practiced Podiatric Medicine since 1993, with a successful Holistic Podiatry & Healing practice in NYC for over 17 years. As one of the few Holistic Podiatrists in existence, Dr. Greene understands the deeper mind-body connection to today’s foot problems, and believes Holistic Podiatry creates a bridge for healing the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Breaking the old paradigm of medicine, she invites you into the new consciousness in medicine where all answers lie within, & helps you get to root causes to bring balance back to an unbalanced body. Sherri is currently the only practitioner in the US trained in Sacred Feet Healing, and certified in many other alternative healing modalities such as, Reflexology, Herbal & Nutritional Medicine, Reiki, Energy Medicine, and Rising Star Healing, all helping to bring the whole body into alignment. Sherri’s unique skills allow her to bring the best of Eastern & Western medicine to all.