Charles  McAlpine

Charles McAlpine

Charles founded Storm Wisdom - A Center for Intentional Living in May 2009. His goal is to support clients and friends on their spiritual journey,helping them to find tools, processes, techniques and skills to create a full and abundant life based on their dreams and desires. As an executive/manager at Wells Fargo for over 26 years, and a Life Coach for the past 8 years he has developed strong leadership skills. Intuition and good listening skills play an important role in his relationships with family, friends and clients.

He is the author of 'The Magic of Crystals' a reference app available for iPhone/iPad and 'Crystal Grids - The Basics' a workbook for those who want to use the power of crystals in their daily meditation practice or for setting and amplifying intentions.

His love of and work with Crystals, Stones and Minerals developed organically over the past 10 years. Although he is a knowledgeable teacher – he also considers himself to be a constant student of Living an Illuminated Life.