Daniel-Léo (DL)  Richard

Daniel-Léo (DL) Richard

Daniel-Léo (DL) Richard; Clairvoyant Life Coach, Sacred Activist, Poet and Spiritual Artist

Daniel-Léo Richard (DL) has found his external expression of himself through his works of poetry, teaching meditation for over 10 years and leading global meditations for peace. “There will be and is already starting, a time when humanity will be as one…to live and to love through peace, balance and harmony”. Life is Sacred. Life is Beautiful.

DL, being born with psychic abilities and honing his psychic abilities as a French-speaking child learned to apply these skills into day to day life. He was also trained in a clairvoyant spiritual practice becoming a director for a spiritual centre in Kelowna, Canada. DL is a Very Passionate and Enthusiastic person. He strives to help people discover who they authentically are and offers tools and services to maintain that in their day to day life. If you don’t find him online you can find him with the comfort of his spiritual and artistic family continuously moving forward with ways that raise consciousness and the well-being of life, love and peace on earth.