Rabbi Mel  Glazer

Rabbi Mel Glazer

Rabbi Mel Glazer has been the Rabbi of Temple Shalom in Colorado Springs, CO since July 2007. A 1974 ordainee of The Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, he received his Doctor of Ministry (concentration in death and mourning) degree from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1995, and his Doctor of Divinity degree in 2001. He has served congregations in the United States, Canada and South Africa. He is the author of “When Death Visits A Jewish Home: 99 Actions For Mourners” (Fall 2007) and “And God Created Hope: Finding Your Way Through Grief with Lessons from Early Biblical Stories” (Del Capo Publishers, Jan. 2007).

His latest book is “A GPS For Grief and Healing (2014).” In addition, he has contributed articles and chapters on grief and mourning to numerous publications. He has been a member of the Board of Kavod V’Nichum, an international organization which supports the creation of local groups which care for the dead and their families. He has participated in their Conferences, and has led sessions on “The Double Silence: In and Out of Tahara.”

He has led bereavement groups and enjoys helping people move “from mourning to morning.” Find out more about Mel at http://www.griefok.com.