Helen  Kuyper

Helen Kuyper

Helen is a born storyteller and won’t let a moment pass to tell a great story. Growing up in the Netherlands with a Dutch father and Irish mother, Helen is able to combine the best of both worlds; the power of a great story with the relevant facts. As a Story Junkie she travels the world looking for stories and new ways to share them. She has spent 6 months at the largest museum for modern art in the world; Tate Modern in London. Helen specialises in facilitation large-scale interventions. The more complicated the problem, the larger the group, the more she is in her element. She excels at making the complex understandable, the simple profound and the way forward clear. Besides running brainstorm sessions, she also trains facilitators. Her biggest dream is to become a international peace negotiator. Helen’s head is full of stories. And with a memory like an elephant, she will always find the right one to share with you.