Susan Arlin

Susan Arlin

Susan is a dynamic person who specializes in training, staff development and leadership coaching across industries. Her company Susan Arlin LLC is a consulting firm primarily specializing on the luxury retail industry. Susan brings a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior, as well as over 25 years of experience of front line management, designing and delivering training programs for all levels within retail, and increasing profits by creating stronger performing teams and organizational cultures. Susan is also a Gitomer Certified Advisor, the mother of three amazing children and an avid recreational runner and crossfit athlete.

Susan has the unique ability to combine the elements of athletics and personal performance into her training to focus on the individual’s ability to excel and achieve personal success—all within the structure of a team-based environment. Her blog invites you to join her in her running adventures as she contemplates the lessons learned during her runs: The complexities of life, work and family and the thoughts inspired by the music and the sights during her runs.

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o Title: ‘A Path Paved In Diamonds’

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