Deborah  McNelis, M.Ed.

Deborah McNelis, M.Ed.

Deborah McNelis, M.Ed. is an early brain development specialist and founder of Brain Insights, LLC. She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Early Childhood Education and is former Preschool and Kindergarten teacher. She has coordinated and served on statewide literacy programs in Wisconsin. Deborah served as a Brain Development Specialist for the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, creating and chairing The Milwaukee Brain Team.

Deborah McNelis is the award-winning author of the unique and beautiful Brain Development Series of 6 pocket sized brain activity packets. She is also the author of Naturally Developing Young Brains for teachers. Her pioneering work to create a clear understanding of the experiences children need - and deserve - is profiled regularly in a wide range of media platforms including radio shows, books and periodicals. Deborah McNelis' website is . She can be found on Twitter as @BrainInsights.