Jeremy  Reisig

Jeremy Reisig

It’s been in me since I was born and once I was introduced to Michael Jackson, heard my first Pearl Jam Cd and sang to 4 non blondes it was over. What’s funny is how I’ve come to truly appreciate the role music plays in my life. And I don’t just mean music- I mean performing! I love to perform in front of people and share that special energy of being connected through the vibe, the lyrics, the beats and the melody. I left music behind for almost 10 year of my life to pursue traditional business success. I was successful yet unfulfilled.

So I left the business goals behind to pursue music. Again unfulfilled cause I was broke! So I decided to tap into both and that’s when my world changed. I’ve found a way to use each to support each other through planning and finding my true passion. I want to travel the world as a musician speeding a conscious, real and positive message. I want to share my time with people who want to just flat out let go and enjoy themselves!

So my passion of travelin the world as a well known respected musician fuels my passion to work so I can afford to put all the pieces in place to do so. It’s a beautiful thing to know you’re working to support your passion- it will literally strengthen your work more than any generic business skill set. Passion is the key!! I have pinch myself cause I’m on an extraordinary journey!

“Dream like you’ll live forever and live like you’ll die tomorrow” James Dean