Professor Brendon  Coventry MBBS PhD FRACS

Professor Brendon Coventry MBBS PhD FRACS

Brendon Coventry is an A/Professor of Surgery at University of Adelaide. Director of Research for the Australian Melanoma Research Foundation, Prof Coventry, a Surgical Oncologist (General Cancer Surgeon) is also PhD Immunologist with many years experience in cancer research, vaccine therapies and the role of the immune system in cancer control. Brendon’s experience has brought him into contact with every aspect of the effects of Melanoma on the human body and sufferers. Work as a Clinical Oncologist has also emphasised that while Melanoma can often be dealt with successfully using surgery, when Melanoma has spread, the available treatments are a long way from successful. His research also leads to a hypothesis that "Treatments 'randomly' given without consideration to a patient's immune cycle may explain why some patients achieve a complete recovery and others do not."