Blane  Harding

Blane Harding

Blane Harding serves as the Director of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Kansas. Mr. Harding is also a consultant for private companies and has worked with over 40 institutions of higher learning across the country. He retired from Colorado State University in 2012 where he served as the Director of Advising, Recruitment, and Retention for the College of Liberal Arts. Professor Harding has taught courses in African American history and Ethnic Studies for the past twenty three years. Mr. Harding has also served as a retention faculty member with the Council for Opportunity in Education which oversees the national TRIO programs. He is a faculty member and past Chair of the Summer Institute Advisory Board for the National Academic Advising Association as well as the former Chair of the Multicultural Concerns Commission. Mr. Harding has published several articles on diversity, multicultural advising, and advisor training. Mr. Harding has presented at national conferences on various topics that focus on African American, Latino(a), Bi-racial, Native American, and Asian/Pacific Island students in higher education.