Jan  Katzen AMI, CN, CFP

Jan Katzen AMI, CN, CFP

Jan Katzen AMI, CN, CFP is a Certified Nutritionist who trained with Dr. Michael Crawford, a renowned expert in brain chemistry and human nutrition. She is certified in preconceptual nutrition via the Foresight Preconceptual Care program in England. Jan is a former Montessori educator (AMI) and is currently the Nutrition Instructor for the teacher training program of the The Center for Montessori Guided Studies. Jan has served on advisory boards of The Mother and Child Foundation (UK), The Montessori Education for Autism Foundation (UK), and Epap Nutritionals in South Africa.

Jan has published scientific articles and books on nutrition. In Phoenix, Arizona, she works in Developmental Pediatric practice and in addition to her own private practice. Jan creates customized nutrition plans for couples planning for pregnancy and for families of children with neurodevelopmental, learning, behavioral, and emotional challenges.