Dr. Neil  Stroul

Dr. Neil Stroul

Neil is first and foremost a leadership coach. Trained originally as a psychologist, Neil blends more than 25 years of experience in organizational consulting and the perspective of applied psychology to helping executives build their leadership capabilities. When he is not working one-on-one with senior executives, he can be found working with senior leadership teams, helping them to work initially in a more coordinated, and ultimately collaborative, fashion.

The only professional activity that Neil enjoys more than coaching leaders is training professional coaches. He is a founding faculty member of Georgetown University’s Certificate in Leadership Coaching program, and has been teaching coaching to a diverse body of aspiring coaches for more than ten years. He recently joined the faculty of the Georgetown McDonough School of Business to teach in the Executive Master’s in Leadership program, and also coaches students in the Global Masters in Business Administration (GEMBA) program.

Neil believes that wittingly or not, all of us – you, him, everyone - are on a developmental journey. The first challenge is to notice to what degree you like the arc, or trajectory, on which your journey is moving. Coaching is all about intentional development. Development is best understood by comparing it to a story. In the story of your life you are author, narrator, critic and editor. Intentional development, or “life by design,” is all about reclaiming authorship and choice, and creating the future you desire. One of Neil’s favorite tag lines is: “Either you have the story or the story has you.” For leaders, this means being clear about values and capabilities, and building an agenda for others to follow.

Neil has written and delivered presentations extensively on coaching and professional development, and is currently working on a book, UUN: Up Until Now, a handbook for people who aspire to reclaim power, choice and authorship.