Dr. Lori  Leyden

Dr. Lori Leyden

Psychotherapist and Newtown Relief Team Leader

Lori Leyden, PhD, MBA is a stress and trauma healing expert and AAMET certified master trainer, who is internationally known for using EFT/Tapping in her work with hundreds of orphan genocide survivors in Rwanda. After a near death experience, Dr. Leyden developed. The Grace Process, a transformative spiritual practice for heart-centered living. She is the author of The Grace Process Guidebook: A Practical Guide for Transcending Ego and Engaging the Wisdom of Your Heart. Through her personal spiritual practice of the Grace Process, she became a conduit for her vision and life purpose. That is, she believes we can create global healing in our lifetime by providing love and the right resources to our next generation of young people in the form of a new model of sustainable humanitarian aid, which she calls Project LIGHT. Lori is also the author of the highly acclaimed, The Stress Management Handbook: Strategies for Health and Inner Peace, available in English, Spanish, Arabic and Korean. Dr. Leyden founded the non-profit organization Create Global Healing and established Project LIGHT: Rwanda – the world’s first international youth healing, heart-centered leadership and entrepreneurship program. Project LIGHT’s mission is to nurture our next generation of young people to heal, work and lead us into a peaceful future. She is the Executive Producer of the recently released documentary, Project LIGHT: From Rwanda to Newtown – A Journey of Hope, Healing and Possibility. Lori heads up Nick Ortner’s Tapping Solution Foundation and its Newtown Trauma Relief and Resiliency Project, which is the first community-based EFT/Tapping initiative that supports those traumatized by the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, CT. Lori holds a doctorate in Health and Human Services with a concentration in psychoneuroimmunology, and a master’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in man