Sarah  Timmins

Sarah Timmins

Social Media Manager

World Council of Credit Unions

Sarah is a passionate communicator, sociology-driven digital fanatic. She’s a millennial who began her career after attending UW – Madison by developing online communication strategies for the TechStars company, Spill, Inc., (now known as MeToo)—the winner of the 2012 Global Social Venture Competition. Throughout her life, she’s been fascinated by behavioral science and how technology influences, changes and drives certain behaviors. In her current role, she is World Council of Credit Unions’ corporate social media manager, where she regularly engages online and offline with niche audiences from over 50 countries worldwide through World Council’s various channels. As a “big picture” person, Sarah thrives on digital strategy and spearheads development and execution of a unified, coordinated corporate new media strategy. In addition, she’s the editor and content creator of Credit Union Word Magazine, the annual World Council publication that reaches member organizations in over 60 countries. She also co-authored the Technical Guide, International Lessons for Young Adult Membership Growth. Moreover, Sarah manages and blogs for World Council’s weCU2 program, a global initiative that aims to help credit unions and millennials better understand one another through online platforms and case studies. She’s eager and driven to be a millennial voice for credit unions and continues to advocate for their unique impact and opportunity as a global development solution. Sarah has lived in Madison, Wisconsin for most of her life and has an endless love for espresso, kickboxing, fresh sushi, and traveling (even though she’s sort of a wimp when it comes to flying).