Marty  Ruíz

Marty Ruíz

Marty Ruíz, a native Texan of sixty-two years, discovered his talent for motivational speaking and singing in the mid 1970's. Marty's passion for the popular music standards of the 1930's, 40's and 50's has led him to perform professionally at dozens of senior living communities throughout Dallas-Fort Worth. Marty's positive spirit encourages his audiences to participate and engage through clapping, singing along and dancing. As a professional speaker who competed in the 2010 World Championship of public speaking for Toastmasters International, he creates a fun, light hearted and interactive experience that focuses on the audience’s needs. Since 1999, entertaining the senior community has provided him with a meaningful experience that allows him to give something back. Marty believes that our seniors deserve to be seen, acknowledged, and shown that they matter. Recently, he has enjoyed performing at themed events ranging from sock hops, to show tunes, to patriotic tribute programs.