Cornelia “Cory”  Mason

Cornelia “Cory” Mason

Cornelia “Cory” Mason, a Personal Readiness Coach

Cory started her career with a degree from Georgetown University in Foreign Service with a dream of promoting international peace and intercultural understanding and of bridging diverse communities and peoples. To that end, she has organized peace rallies, planned inter-faith events, worked with grassroots organizations to strengthen local communities, and developed a strong sense of mission and purpose that centered around realizing world peace. As a military spouse, she has supported her husband in his career and raised their three children, living in interesting and exciting places from the East Coast of the US to East Asia. After her kids left the nest, she albeit somewhat reluctantly, at least initially, ventured back into the work force! She became a valued teacher of English as a second language, entering the training for this after not being in the classroom for over 30 years. She completed training programs to become certified in EFT and Energy Healing. Subsequently, she developed a program to help people do what she has done: to uncover forgotten and overlooked expertise and resources to establish a career that serves their needs for personal, professional and financial fulfillment.