Dr. Larry  Goodman

Dr. Larry Goodman

Dr. Larry Goodman, continues to shed light on improvement in health and body healing. By means of Wellness PSI, and The Goodman Factor, he places focus on developing, and delivering products, services and ideas that are advanced and innovative. Getting past traumatic experiences or events can be tough and often take its toil not only on your personal life, but if left unchecked can find itself creeping into your professional life as well. This is why Dr. Goodman has made it his focus to cover clients not only on a personal level but on a corporate level as well. Dr. Goodman carries with him over 23 years of experience with Wellness PSI, and is also a veteran speaker on the national circuit, where he has assisted many on their road to recovery. With degrees in; Psychology, Chiropractic, Nutrition and Acupuncture along with training in Brimhall Whole Person Health Care Method, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Psychodrama, The Demartini Method, and is Level II Certified in Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Dr. Goodman continues to position himself as a leader in this field. Further information on Dr. Goodman and his advancement in the field of health and body healing, can be found at www.netmindbody.com you will find Dr. Goodman under the practitioner and certified practitioners section. Contact Dr. Goodman directly at 305-206-0151 or drlarrygoodman@yahoo.com . Visit Dr. Goodman’s website at drlarrygoodman.com