Veronica  Cole

Veronica Cole

Veronica Cole is a holistic psychotherapist and grief support specialist. Her research and devotion to adult sibling loss gives a voice to this often unrecognized relationship when it comes to the death of a sibling. Veronica emphasizes the strength and importance of the sibling relationship and the impact our siblings have on our lives on this earth and beyond loss. Veronica through her own experience with adult sibling loss chose to heal through utilizing modalities which brought life and dignity to the relationships of her two brothers. Veronica’s workshop “From Loss to Light - You Can Recover From Adult Sibling Loss” creates a safe space for surviving siblings to dispel the myths and lack of importance of the loss of a brother or sister no matter what your age or the status of your relationship at the time of one’s death. Veronica contends the group environment when led with compassion and an intention to honor your sibling brings great comfort and an opportunity to release the pain and move forward in your life. Veronica’s 20+ years as an accomplished psychotherapist with a concentration in group dynamics and healing has cultivated a workshop which promotes healing and culminates with a tribute to our siblings. Contact Info: Veronica Cole Holistic Psychotherapist and Grief Specialist 888-959-6012 Local: 518-260-1538