Gary  Copitch

Gary Copitch

Gary is experienced in community development and organisational development and has worked in the not for profit sector as Chief Executive of People's Voice Meida where he has transformed the organisation from a local organisation to one that operates across Europe. Gary has also worked in the private sector as a senior manager in the training department of Intel electronics where he ran Intel University and supported the development of self managed teams. As Chief Executive of People’s Voice Media, he has developed a model for providing insight and qualitative research through local community reporters who gather knowledge through supporting people to tell there story. These stories are then used to create conversations with pubic and private sector clients in order to provide insight for new services and improve customer experience. Gary was awarded a Laureateship from the Leonardo European Corporate Learning award in 2013 for his work on “Crossing Borders” which puts emphasis on outstanding new developments that provoke fundamental challenge of predominant mind-sets in corporate learning. He has co-authored papers with Manchester Metropolitan University on how to using social media as a means of improving public confidence in the police force in the UK. He has lectured at a number of Universities including the London School of Economics the Manchester Business School and Manchester Metropolitan University on social innovation and social entrepreneurship and using community intelligence to co- produce new services. Contact Gary at