Hannah  Brencher

Hannah Brencher

Writer and TED Speaker, Hannah Brencher is the founder of More Love Letters—an internationally recognized organization that harnesses the power behind social media to mobilize and empower individuals through tangible acts of love. In two years, the global community has grown to over 25,000 individuals across 6 continents, 53 countries, all 50 states and is established on over 71 college campuses. Named as one of the White House’s “Women Working to Do Good” and a spokesperson for the United States Postal Service, Hannah and her work have been featured in outlets such as Oprah, the Huffington Post, TED.com, Glamour, BBC News, CNN World News, and the Wall Street Journal. Her memoir “If You Find This Letter” will be in bookstores worldwide in March 2015. https://www.hannah-brencher.squarespace.com/