Kassandra  Carroll

Kassandra Carroll

Born in Dublin Ireland, Kassandra received her first introduction to Marilyn Monroe at the age of 5 while watching her films with her mother, who was a big fan herself and also happens to bear a resemblance to the late movie icon. Kassandra’s Mother sang Marilyn's songs with her father who played the double bass in a jazz band like Jack Lemon in "Some Like It Hot", which is Kassandra’s favorite Monroe film.

On her 11th birthday Kassandra, and her Mother, made a special trip from Ireland to Hollywood so she could place her hands and feet in Marilyn's famous imprints in front of TCL Chinese Theaters formerly known as Mann’s Chinese Theaters.

As to why you are interested in the Marilyn Monroe?

"When I sang Happy Birthday to her statue in Palm Springs Hundreds of people showed up all day long excited as if they were going to sing Happy Birthday to a really close friend. It shows you how Marilyn brings people together."