Cynthia  Smith

Cynthia Smith

Cynthia Smith is known for her innate ability to teach others how to apply a practical and joyful approach to integrating balance and spirituality into daily life. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for others to become enlightened and empowered to embrace life’s experiences with ease and grace. In her roles as a Teacher Mentor, Healer, Speaker and Writer, she shares her belief: Knowledge comes from Learning; Wisdom comes with Living from the Heart. In addition to her business experience, she served for many years as a member on several Boards of Directors and led volunteers to create and support local, state and international programs that focused on women, children and families. Cynthia resides in North Carolina and is available for inspirational speaking engagements, private group workshops or freelance articles. To learn more visit her website at: Email: During business hours call: 330-289-4949