Eren Nalani  Martin-Beat

Eren Nalani Martin-Beat

Eren Nalani Martin-Beat is a Marine Biologist with two degrees, one in Biology and the other in Metaphysical Sciences. Her Master's thesis drew from the fields of biology, marine biology, Inner Child work and traditional Hawaiian healing practices. Her work with children and parents is a unique blend of these studies. In addition to continuing her work in Marine Biology, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Conscious Parenting for Intuitive, Sensitive Children. Eren is the founder, CEO and Headmaster of Earth Angels’ Sanctuary & Learning Center.Earth Angels is an alternative school which supports children through its strong emphasis on family unity, community nurturing and living in harmony through all six senses. Eren teaches classes and works one-on-one with intuitive children and their parents, as well as within the family dynamic. She currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with her husband and two beautiful, spiritually sensitive children. To learn more about her and Earth Angels, visit and