Susan  Glynn

Susan Glynn

Questioning Curiosity lead Susan through her young years, into adulthood. Around 2 decades ago a weekend training dropped her in the deep end of Energy experiences that gave a star burst of major new paths of exploration for discovering More of Human Possibility. Always one for peak performance experiences, she went through lists of different energy trainings and healing processes, learning to improve Me First, then to assist others who planned as she did, to gain as much growth expansion in this life, as possible. Being a mum, a wife, running her businesses and with difficulty in mid 2004, nursed her late husband to pass from melanoma. After his passing Susan's impulse was to immediately activate more energy, heal her loss & all grief that came from such a deeply bonded love that had faded out of her life. Susan asked strongly for More Powerful more efficient tools to achieve what now was feeling like a new path or Purpose. The Healing Codes turned up mid 2005 and Susan knew right away it contained Rocket Fuel...& all she had to do was use it, and see. By Dec 2007 she gained THC Coach accreditation as the first practitioner in Australia and it is the Foundation mechanism she uses for herself and with clients to 'build healing upwards from there'.